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Meet Vicki

travel-195-vicki.jpgTravel 195 Manager Vicki has over 25 years experience in the Travel Industry. Along with sound and reliable product and destination knowledge and a commitment to detail, you can be sure they will look after all your holiday needs and offer superb customer service.

By using her many years of experience and knowledge in the Travel Industry Vicki can give you the very best options for your holiday and assist you with all aspects of research, planning and booking.

Unlike online booking agencies, Vicki at Travel 195 can start a conversation with you and a few questions later they are combining what they have learnt about you and your needs with their own knowledge and experience and are conjuring up some exciting holiday options for you.

You are not going to get this type of customer service from a transaction-focused booking engine.



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In Armidale

We can provide you with the right advice and service to ensure you next journey is a truly enjoyable adventure.

Call Armidale: (02) 6772 2585

Drop in: 171 Beardy St at Cafe 195 in the middle of the mall in Armidale

Email: vicki@travel195.com.au