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Get some more information about our Walking Tour of Britain

On the 11th September 2017 we have our Lakes , Hills and Dales tour of Britain starting

6 Walks in the North of England and 2 walks in North Wales


So why the 195?

By most agreed accounts there are 195 countries in the world and Travel 195 can provide you with a complete travel service to visit any or all of them!

You might think there are 195 reasons to travel and 195 adventures waiting for you to experience.

Or 195 adventures to fulfil and just 1 lifetime to do it in.

Or maybe you see 1 planet, 9 ways to explore it, and 5 senses to excite!

You can put whatever meaning you want to 195, then let us help you achieve your travel dreams!

What can we do?

If you want to walk, hike, train, drive, bike, fly, bus, cruise or cycle anywhere in the world, Travel 195 is the Travel Agency for you!

We can book flights, adventure trips, coach trips, rail journeys, cruises, car hire, accommodation, sightseeing trips and can design a holiday to suit your individual requirements.

The Travel 195 agency is located within Cafe 195 in the middle of the mall, Armidale. We are a fully-independent, accredited and licensed travel agency that can help you with all your travel needs.

Contact Us

In Armidale

We can provide you with the right advice and service to ensure you next journey is a truly enjoyable adventure.

Call Armidale: (02) 6772 2585

Drop in: 171 Beardy St at Cafe 195 in the middle of the mall in Armidale

Email: vicki@travel195.com.au