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The A-Z of travel

The A-Z of travel

13 May 2019 Vicki Kembery Experiences

A is for airports – They can be the bane of your holiday. Some have hidden surprises though – like a swimming pool! Check out airport websites to see what their facilities are. It might make your journey a little less tiresome

B is for Bruges in Belgium – Chocolate and beer in a café on the canal. Bliss!

C is for cruising – Whether on the ocean, along rivers or up canals, this is the new way to travel. Sit back and soak it all in.

D is for Dubai – A popular stopover city en-route to Europe, and a Qantas hub, Dubai is growing in popularity as a standalone destination with one of the world’s largest shopping malls, desert escapes and incredible 5-star hotels.

E is for Europe – So much to do and so much to see, Europe is still a favourite among Aussie travellers. A destination for all seasons, all ages and all travel types.

F is for Fiji – A great family-friendly destination.

G is for guide books and GPS navigation systems – Both are a useful tool for not getting lost!

H is for Hop-On Hop-Off buses - All major cities have them and they are a great way to get your bearings in a new city.

I is for internet bookings – As they say, if you book your holiday on the net, you’re on your own. Use a travel agent and you’re not!

J is for Japan – A destination that has some beautiful places to visit, and great skiing.

K is for Krakow in Poland – A beautiful medieval city with cobbled streets, churches, museums, cafes and a fantastic main square to sip your coffee in and watch the world go by.

L is for luggage – With airlines cracking down on excess luggage and becoming more concerned with weight allowances, choosing the right bag for your journey is important. Think about weight, use and practicality.

M is for money – Credit cards, cash and cash cards. All have their pros and cons, but a mix of all three is probably the best way to go. Travellers Cheques are a thing of the past.

N is for New York City - I’ve said it before, the best city in the world!

O is for Olomouc – The Czech Republic’s best kept secret. Has all that Prague offers, but without the crowds!

P is for passport – If you’re going overseas you need one. Make sure it’s not going to expire while you’re away. Most countries need you to have at least six-months validity on it.

Q is for Quito in Ecuador – The second highest capital city in the world is in the middle of the Andes. 
It has spectacular scenery and buildings, including the oldest church in South America.

R is for rail travel – The world has some fantastic rail journeys including the Blue Train in South Africa, the Trans-Siberian in Russia, the Orient Express in Europe and The Ghan and Indian Pacific in Australia. Or simply travel by rail through Europe using Eurail passes or the USA on Amtrak.

S is for snow – Australia and NZ during June, July and August, or head to the northern hemisphere from December to April.

T is for travel insurance – If you can’t afford this part of your holiday, you can’t afford to travel.

U is for Uluru – Still one of the most amazing places in the world, and it is right in our backyard!

V is for visas – Some countries still require you to have one, so check before you go.

W is for walking tours – Another popular way to see different parts of the world. Some of the best are the Larapinta here in Australia, the Routeburn in New Zealand and the Cinque Terre in Italy. Just make sure you have a good pair of walking boots or shoes!

X is for Xian in China - The Terracotta Warriors, need we say more?

Y is for you – Your holiday, your choice, your enjoyment. It’s your holiday so it is all about you!

Z is for Zambia
– One of Africa’s best kept secrets.

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