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Travelling South East Asia

Travelling South East Asia

14 May 2019 Vicki Kembery Experiences, Ocean Cruise, River Cruise, Short Breaks, Tours, Travel Tips

There are many ways to travel the world and a myriad of companies that you can travel with, but I've always found that when travelling around Asia, being part of a small group trip is a really interesting, relaxing and enjoyable way to travel.

Small group travel takes the hassle out of everything and allows you to sit back, or in the case of the small group trips is Asia, jump on a push bike, ride in a rickshaw, laze back on a barge or jolt along on a train, all without the worry of having to organise or wonder if everything is going to fall into place.

These trips really let you sink into the culture of the places you visit and often have hidden surprises and delights that you just wouldn't get to see or experience if you were doing it on your own.

The other really nice thing about travelling as part of a small group is the other people travelling with you. Because they have also booked the small group option, chances are they are going to be very similar in mind-set and expectations as you. 

I went on a small group trip a few years ago round Vietnam and the other people on the tour were as much a highlight of the trip as the sights and sounds I experienced. Everyone I speak to who travels with small groups always come back with stories about the people they met as much as what they saw and experienced.

Some of the countries visited by companies operating small group travelling include Thailand, Vietnam, China, India, Cambodia and more recently and proving to be very popular – Burma and Bhutan.

Cruising is another way to see Asia and there are some great cruises which head down the coast of Vietnam, round into Thailand and then onto Singapore. Or, if river cruising is more your thing, there are cruises on the Yangtze in China or the Mekong in Vietnam and Cambodia or the Irrawaddy in Burma.

And if you are thinking about a beach holiday in Asia, why not give Vietnam a go instead of Phuket or Bali – you’ll be pleasantly surprised not only with the beaches but with the prices too! Or, for something really exceptional and picture-perfect you still can’t go past the Maldives!

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