Castle moments

Castle moments

Vicki thinks every holiday should have a castle moment. 

What will yours be??

But first... What exactly is a “castle moment”?

Well, it’s that thing, or place, or activity or meal that makes a holiday truly memorable, makes it extraordinary instead of just another holiday.

So why do I call it a “castle moment”?  Last year I was organising a holiday for a client, who also happens to be a good friend, and when I was looking at accommodation for them in Ireland I came across a castle you could stay in. It wasn’t cheap but there wasn’t a whole lot else to choose from, so after a bit of umming and ahhing they decided to hang the expense and have a night in the castle.

When they got back from their 6 weeks away, I asked them how it was, and the first thing they mentioned was the night spent in the castle and how over the top, but fantastic it had been (I mean we all dream about sleeping in a castle when we’re young, it’s just that it normally includes fantasising about being a princess or prince as well!) Anyway, the castle was the first thing they remembered when they talked about their holiday – it was their unforgettable moment that turned their great holiday into an extraordinary one.

 So, I now think every holiday should have a castle moment – this might be splurging for 1 night and staying in, well a castle, or that exotic 5 star eco-lodge on safari or in a tree-top villa in the Amazon jungle. Or it might be that hot air balloon ride or micro-light flight over Victoria Falls. 

Recently a family of 5 went to the UK for 6 weeks and drove all over the UK, visited Paris and Disneyland and had a great time. Before they went I was given the job of getting them tickets to The Lion King in London – this proved difficult to fit into their schedule and I suggested they opt to see 
Shrek the Musical or Billy Elliot or Matilda the Musical instead, but the mum told me the holiday wouldn’t be worth going on if their 5 year-old didn’t get to sing-along to the Lion King in London. 
This was going to be her “castle moment”


So I persevered, we tweaked their dates a bit and they got to see The Lion King, and it was her family’s unforgettable “castle moment”.

Castle moments don’t necessarily need to cost you an arm or a leg - one of my “castle moments” was dog-sledding on a frozen river in Siberia. 

Didn't cost me a thing– the tour company just threw it in as a “surprise” extra. But whenever I talk about the 6 week trip, it’s the 10 minute dog-sled ride that stands out.

On the Rocky Mountaineer train trip between Vancouver and Banff, you have the choice of Red Leaf or Gold Leaf service – the main difference being that in Gold Leaf you sit upstairs with a glass-domed roof giving you fantastic 180 views all around –costs a fair bit more than the Red Leaf, but no-one I know who has travelled on that train in Gold Leaf has ever begrudged paying the extra – it’s the “castle moment” of the train trip.

 So, remember when you are organising your next holiday to anywhere in the world, take a moment to see if there just might be a “castle moment” you could throw in to make that holiday something really special and memorable. It might be a sightseeing trip, a cooking class, a hot air balloon ride, or even - a night in a castle!

Happy travelling, and I hope you find your "castle moment"

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